Paul Cooley

Chief Technology Officer

Paul Cooley is a highly-skilled technologist and manager who stands out among his peers for an ardent ability to look ahead to what the big picture should look like as well as execute daily on the acute details that are necessary to lead his team at Imprev to excellence. In 2011, Imprev’s technology prowess included a reliability record the envy of the industry: it was literally never completely down, with system lags across all client platforms totaling just 10 minutes for the entire year.

Cooley’s team is responsible for designing, developing, and deploying Imprev’s large-scale software and hardware solutions for its Marketing Center platform, keeping Imprev an industry leader and innovator. No other company in the real estate marketing business works with more agent and brokers than Imprev.

Cooley has a deep and rich background in the tech world. He made his mark in the tech world in 2001 as the Lead Engineer on the Rational Rose product at Rational Software (now IBM), which was considered “the gold standard” in its day.

Cooley joined Imprev in 2007 from, where he was Senior Software Engineer. There he was responsible for the development and maintenance of the “service layer” that supported the front end of’s multitude of sites, which were handling 1,000,000-plus interactions per day.

Cooley spent over three years as a Software Developer and Development Lead for Ensemble Systems, a privately-held company, where he developed and maintained its IBM/Rational Rose product, with duties that included coordinating the Quality Assurance team, serving as an expert troubleshooter, scoping and authoring functional and technical specifications for new features, and acting as primary liaison between Ensemble Systems and Rational/IBM Software for the Rose product.

As a team-centric manager, Cooley encourages his technologists to “learn, discover, explore, and go home every day with more than you came with,” he says, adding “I strive to make our office a place you look forward to arriving at every morning.”

Cooley’s interest in technology can be traced to the Commodore VIC-20 his father gave him when he was in the first grade, which he learned ‘programming’ from articles in Byte Magazine. Cooley was graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science, specializing in Computer Science, from University of Northern British Columbia, Canada. He is an avid biker, runner and father of two boys. Cooley and his wife live in Kenmore, WA.