Real Estate Brokerages of All Sizes Rely On Imprev to Power Their Marketing

NextHome uses automation to deliver value to their agents and help them be more productive.

Agent Retention & Recruiting

"Enhanced Listing Automation has been a HUGE advantage for us when it comes to recruiting. The other big brands we compete with nickel-and-dime their agents when it comes to creating marketing materials. We don’t. Millennial agents love that there’s advanced technology involved and that they don’t have to spend extra time creating materials. And when older agents realize that it’s not another tool to use—that instead it’s done for them—they love it as well. "

Richard Barger

Director of Marketing and Communications

HQ Green Island, New York
15 Offices
500 Agents

"There’s a great technology race in real estate that has brokerages scrambling to add the latest innovations to gain a competitive edge and attract new agents. But agents are suffering from tool fatigue...Combining two best-in-class technologies that are fully integrated helps make Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Rand Realty agents' lives simpler and their businesses more successful. The streamlined experience will also be a powerful offering in our recruiting strategy. "

Matthew Rand

Managing Partner

HQ Nanuet, New York
26 Offices
1,000 Agents

"Our agents will have access to one of the most advanced marketing systems available for real estate brokerages today. Not only will it make them more effective in promoting their listings, but it will also help us close the gap in one of the biggest holes in the marketing cycle: Making sure our agents can easily stay in touch with their clients after the sale until the client is ready for the next one. We’re going to help our agents build their repeat business with this system."

Tom Tognoli

Founder, President, & CEO

HQ Cupertino, CA
60+ Offices
2,500 Agents

"This creates an exceptional experience for our agents when it comes to marketing their properties. Because marketing automation ensures agents can easily fulfill the marketing promise they make to clients at the kitchen table, agents have time to focus on strengthening relationships with clients and earning more referral business."

Katie Stephans

Vice President, Information Technology

HQ Kansas City, Kansas
47 Offices
2,300+ Agents

Brand Consistency & Marketing Reach

"We’ve been a longtime client of Imprev and adopting their marketing automation platform has proven to be a great decision for my company. Our agents love receiving an email containing links to all their auto-created marketing materials—and I love that the templates look great and ensure brand consistency. It’s a win for everyone! "

Sandy Gillison

VP of Marketing and Technology

HQ Portland, Oregon
8 Offices
1,000 Agents

"The new Listing Automation enhancement gives our brokerages an immediate, powerful marketing advantage. Every one of our offices—regardless of their marketing team’s size—can now automatically deliver the right content, at the right time, through the right channel to all their agents. In a market where timing is crucial, we’re making it easier for our agents to promote their listings and our brand successfully."

Dan Troup

Director of Technology

HQ Portage, Michigan
89 Offices
1,100 Agents

"I can attest from our experience that Imprev’s reputation is well-earned. We’re proud to be the first to implement a system that should be a game-changer for real estate marketing. "

Rajeev Sajja

VP of Digital Innovation

HQ Devin, Pennsylvania
66 Offices
4,500 Agents

"We are now able to provide all of our Realtors® with automated marketing collateral that maximizes the strength of the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices brand while still prominently promoting the agent’s individual brand. This type of service allows our agents to quickly provide high quality marketing materials for each of their listings which in turn impresses and thrills their clients!"

Christy Budnick

Partner, Broker, and EVP

HQ Jacksonville, Florida
12 Offices
400 Agents

Marketing Efficiency & Time Savings

"I’d definitely recommend getting Listing Automation right now. There’s not much of a learning curve; it’s like having a virtual assistant immediately start emailing out marketing packages for ALL your listings. When you’re most busy is the optimal time to be taking advantage of the service."

Becka Picchena

Broker Owner

HQ Lewiston, Idaho
1 Office
20 Agents

"Automation was a life-saver for me. I was working up to 14-hour days to meet agent marketing requests. Now it’s all done for the agents, and I can focus on larger marketing goals. "

Lisa Mahon

Head of Marketing

HQ Woodland Hills, California
5 Offices
150 Agents

"Marketing automation shaves years off the time our agents would typically spend creating marketing materials. What I love about this solution if that like clockwork, the agent gets their materials."

Dan Mirsky

Marketing Director

HQ Depew, New York
45 Offices
1,000 Agents

"With automation, agents have a repeatable way to deliver their marketing promise to clients — without wasting precious hours on repetitive, manual tasks. Imprev understands how important it is to deliver a consistent brand and marketing experience to our clients at every point in the home-selling process, which ultimately makes our brand even more valuable to an agent’s business."

James Dwiggins


HQ Pleasanton, California
290 Offices
2,400+ Agents