How does a broker get their agents to increase the number of listings while at the same time make certain they always stay in touch with past clients and prospects?

That’s the conundrum for real estate brokers. Most agents cycle through these two activities one at a time: Agents prospect, prospect, prospect, which generates listings; then they shift their focus to transact, transact, transact. While agents are focused on their listings, their prospecting suffers; when they are focused on prospecting, their number of listings suffers. Brokers have an opportunity to help their agents succeed in both activities simultaneously.

Marketing Automation Competitive Edge

Marketing Automation helps brokers solve this problem and improve their bottom line. A good MA platform performs two critical functions for the agent. The first is auto-generating the creative materials needed to market a new listing. The second is an automated process for staying in-touch with past clients and prospects. By using technology to take on some of this heavy lifting, agents can focus on what they do best: selling houses and building client relationships.

Increasing the speed of marketing

When agents get busy, and they have more than one new listing in hand, there is no guarantee that the marketing of a new listing is going to get their full and immediate attention.

Brokers with Marketing Automation give their agents the ability to go to market faster because marketing materials are created automatically, shortening the time to market by days. Everything that is needed – from flyers to Open House postcards to Single Property Websites and YouTube video tours can be generated from listing data pulled from the broker’s local MLS or internal CRM.

Lead and client nurturing

For staying in touch with past clients and prospects, Marketing Automation delivers relevant content targeted specifically to the interests of a specific demographic on a pre-determined schedule. If done correctly, Marketing Automation keeps the agent top of mind with the client or prospect.

Added broker benefit: better brand control

Because Marketing Automation gives brokers control over their brand, it helps them protect their brokerage’s reputation. More importantly, Marketing Automation also can make brokers a hero among their agents. Creating for agents Madison Avenue quality marketing materials that allow agents to make powerful and lasting impressions with their clients and prospects. Marketing Automation not only protects the brokers’ brand, it also helps protect the agents’ image.

2016: The year of marketing automation

Next year, one third of all brokerages say they are going to implement a Marketing Automation solution. Moreover, about one third of the brokerages that are currently using Marketing Automation say they are going to do more. Marketing Automation is the future for real estate and the biggest risk one runs in not using it, is being left behind.