BILL YAMAN, President & Chief Revenue Officer

How do you build a team of effective real estate agents?
Through strong leadership and support.

During an interview about the success of his brokerage, Jeff Sposito, President of J. Rockcliff REALTORS®, shares how he helps his agents achieve their goals. “We will do anything we can to knock down hurdles for our agents,” he says, which includes giving them the resources that they need.

How can you take a page from Jeff’s success and build strong leadership within your brokerage? Here are 3 ways to become a better leader and empower your agents:

Pay attention to the present

Every business needs a leader with a strong vision for the future. Without someone pushing for excellence and results, it’s easy for humans to get comfortable with the status quo.

But it’s also important for leaders to pay attention to the current situation. They need to be both socially-aware and self-aware. Getting lost in the future without addressing issues that exist in the present is dangerous.

Next time you’re in the office, pay attention to the situation in front of you. How is team morale? Are you truly motivating people, or just intimidating them? Do your agents feel empowered, or overwhelmed? Figure out how you can solve any current issues before focusing solely on the future.

Be an advocate

Finding the right balance of leadership can be difficult. With new hires, you don’t want to fall into micromanaging them as they learn. On the opposite end, you don’t want to give your tenured agents so much autonomy that you completely ignore them.

When searching for the right balance, think of yourself as your agent’s advocate. If they run into obstacles, you’re there to push the obstacle aside. If there are skills an agent needs to work on, help them find the right resources to learn and improve.

Not always being in the field gives you the advantage of having a wider view of the business. Share that view with your agents to help them improve processes and increase efficiencies. Facilitate their success rather than leaving it all on their shoulders.

Give them the tools they need

Being an advocate means giving agents the resources they need to be successful. It might cost you a little more upfront to provide agents with a central source for things like marketing and CRM, but you’ll see it pay off in the end.

Do your agents spend more time on marketing or transaction processes than they do in the field? Give them access to tools that speed up and automate processes. The more efficient an agent can be at repetitive tasks, the more time he or she will have to spend selling.

Do you run into the same legal issues over and over? Make sure you have a strong legal team that can help your agents sort out issues before they cost you.

Giving your agents a strong network of resources empowers them to be more successful, which in turn drives your brokerage’s success.

Bill Yaman, President and Chief Revenue Officer

Bill Yaman is an empowering leader with deep experience in general management, sales and marketing, product management, and business development. He brings to Imprev almost 30 years of experience driving sales and marketing for world-class technology companies.