Guide your agents to produce quality content

What we’re covering today:

  • What does it mean to ‘cut through the noise?’
  • How can you align agent and broker content strategies for mutual success?
  • What is quality content? What is noisy content?



Whether looking to recruit agents, bring in leads, or establish brand awareness, more and more brokerages are putting time into content marketing strategies. However, we have all come to the realization that just posting content to digital channels doesn’t equate to measurable returns. The content has to be innovative, engaging, meaningful, authentic. As quickly as it rose to success, content like ‘10 steps to buying and selling’ has become commonplace and expected.

Agents, too, are looking to content marketing to set themselves apart from their competition. With growing technology, agents can now host a digital open house tour via Facebook Live or Instagram Stories. They can connect in very targeted, local, conversations without having to invest very much money. Too often though, we see the same repetition of content across so many agents and these stories quite quickly become old news.

The challenge for both brokers and agents? Cutting through the noise.


Agents and Brokers can create compelling stories TOGETHER.

cutting through the noise - google search snippetIf you google the idiom “cut through the noise,” you’ll see hundreds of results saying the same thing: when marketing, there are countless other voices distracting your audience. The goal of quality content is to be authentic and truly interesting to your audience so you can capture interest and build a long-term relationship

As brokers and managers, your role for agents is changing from gatekeeper to guide. Focus your company content strategy on building your agents into quality storytellers. Then their stories can be yours as well.


What are some examples of noise?

We aren’t always thinking about brand exposure and advertising noise, but the reality is that on average Americans experience 5,000 brand impressions per day. Every radio commercial, billboard, train station poster, labeled pantry product, or clothing product is a message vying for our attention.

  • When every real estate agent in a region auto-posts the same content to their profiles at the same time without anything relevant, specialized, or unique.
  • When broker pages re-share the same basic national buying and selling information week after week without addressing their hyperlocal market.
  • When an agent or broker only posts listings to their profile without telling a story or seeking audience engagement.


What kinds of content cut through the noise?

  • Anything that builds trust.
    • When asked what motivates a consumer to choose a brand other than price, 35% of consumers ranked ‘trust in the brand’ among their top 3 reasons.
    • There are many ways to build trust. Have your agents interview past clients and create a video testimonial. Share photos and experiences of your brokerage’s involvement in the community. Set your company as the thought leader/expert in the area by submitting statistics and releases to the news.
  • Anything that provides relevant value.
    • Sometimes the most valuable offering isn’t the most obvious.
    • Take the Michelin guide for example. The French tire company introduced this series of books of top-rated restaurants and hotels. Why? Their customers were driving places. By becoming a part of that journey, Michelin could provide valuable resources even when it wasn’t time to buy new tires.
    • Or a more recent story, similar to our industry, was from IKEA Canada in Montreal. Many people move in the summer as apartment leases renew, thus July 1st colloquially became Moving Day. IKEA gave out free moving boxes, very valuable on moving day, and then when those movers need new home goods, maybe they’ll consider IKEA.
  • Anything that brings joy.
    • We’re all aware of the theory behind ‘does this spark joy?’
    • But in all honesty, anything that gives us positive emotions is likely to motivate us into action.
    • Coldwell Banker is known for its Homes for Dogs campaign. Many can agree that it is near impossible not to feel warm-fuzzies seeing a canine find a loving home. CB hopes that positive emotion will motivate you to choose their brokerages for your needs. Many independents and local brokerages have teamed up with local humane societies to do similar programs!


Where can you start?

If content marketing is already a key component in your mix, try stepping it up by building a group of agent ambassadors. These agents represent your tech-savvy, storytellers already motivated to create good content. Give them better resources, training, opportunities to think big and in return share their stories within your own brand channels.

We also recommend reading a past post on co-branding. Co-branding is the successful, symbiotic relationship that brokers and their agents can both benefit from.

We’d love to see your own examples of how you and your agents are ‘cutting through the noise.’ Feel free to message us or comment below, and our marketing department may reach out to you for an interview!