Maximize Your Sphere of Influence (SOI) with Valuable Content

How do real estate brokers increase agents’ effectiveness?

Teach them to become thought leaders for their sphere of influence by thinking beyond listings and by giving home buyers and sellers valuable advice for the home buying or selling process.

What is thought leadership?

It’s about becoming a trusted voice in a community. It’s about showing your expertise on a subject through examples and experience. Many times, you show that expertise to people by offering them valuable content—information they can use right away to solve a problem. You don’t need to offer earth-shattering ideas; the goal is to have useful information available when someone needs it.

Your agents’ sphere of influence is their most valuable source of leads, so they need to treat it with respect and care. Being a thought leader in your local community means giving home buyers tips about which neighborhoods are child-friendly or how to find a trustworthy home inspector. It doesn’t mean bombarding them with listings and hoping they bite.

Like prospects in any other industry, real estate prospects quickly learn how to tune out marketing noise. Agents need to prioritize the quality of their contact with prospects over the quantity of contact.

As a broker, you can provide the tools and resources your agents need to be even more successful marketing to their sphere of influence. Here are some ways you can help agents create valuable content for home buyers and sellers:

Build a list of local partners

Offering ancillary services is a great way to keep things simple for your clients and build your brokerage’s value. If you don’t offer additional services like mortgages or home inspections, make sure your agents can recommend a few trustworthy options to clients. They’ll show their expertise and add to the value of the client’s experience.

Buying a house means taking on a lot of additional responsibilities after the buying process is complete—including yard, plumbing, electricity, and roofing maintenance. Few people know a good plumber or electrician that they can turn to when issues arise, which is a perfect place for a real estate agent to step in. Share a list of local landscapers, roofers, painters, and more for your agents’ clients to keep handy.

Develop how-to guides for buyers and sellers

Save clients time and worry by compiling answers to all their home-buying or selling questions. The format can be as simple as a one-page list, or as elaborate as a 20-page guide with pictures.

Share the guides through email, or print them out in full color. They’re a great tool for building agents’ credibility with prospects, as well as keeping your brokerage top of mind or generating referrals with past clients.

Topic ideas for how-to guides:

  • How to check and build up your credit score
  • Process to get a first-time mortgage or for refinancing an existing home
  • Why home inspections are required and how to choose an inspector
  • Tips on how to make an offer on a home
  • Packing and moving tips
  • Inexpensive home renovation tips
  • Affordable landscaping options

Hold workshops for home buyers and sellers

Connect with local service providers to host workshops for your local community. Workshops give home buyers a chance to get answers from experts they may not have been able to find on their own. They also build your brokerage’s credibility as trusted members of the community. And rather than doing one-off workshops, consider hosting monthly or quarterly workshops to maximize your marketing efforts.

Send a weekly event email

Send your sphere of influence a weekly Thursday email that highlights upcoming weekend events in the community. The email can help you stay top-of-mind with your contacts and gives them interesting information without asking them to commit to anything.

How are you building your brokerage’s presence in your local community?

Bill Yaman, President and Chief Revenue Officer

Bill Yaman is an empowering leader with deep experience in general management, sales and marketing, product management, and business development. He brings to Imprev almost 30 years of experience driving sales and marketing for world-class technology companies.

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