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Create More Opportunities to Drive New Business Organically

Listing Automation helps brokerages and franchises implement the best marketing practices of their best agents across the entire business. How does it work? Every time a key event occurs in the life of a listing, agents automatically receive a Marketing Guide with a fresh set of marketing materials optimized for that event. Each Marketing Guide arrives right when agents need it during the entire listing life cycle, coaching them on how to leverage opportunities to increase engagement and drive new business.

Four Key Marketing Guides

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Customized Solutions to fit your business

Whether your brokerage has 10 agents or 10,000 agents, our goal is to deliver the best solution for your business. Every Imprev instance is different because each of our clients’ needs are different. From the beginning, we’ll work with you to understand your brand goals, technology ecosystem, and unique value proposition—and never push you into a solution that doesn’t fit.

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