Brokers know that as independent contractors, real estate agents often work at their own pace. Agents typically have their own work processes, set their own schedules, and possess management styles as varied as the ice cream flavors at Baskin Robbins.

Some agents are great taskmasters: they are highly disciplined, remain diligent in structuring each workday, execute their plans with great efficiency and accuracy, and they exhibit excellent self-management skills.

But that’s not always the case. Many need help and guidance from their broker, manager or team leader, and often this involves helping agents stay on task.

Eliminating the wait

Marketing automation is a cure for agents who procrastinate and a welcomed relief for those who don’t. The truth is most agents don’t enjoy spending time creating the various marketing pieces needed to promote a new listing, especially when they must do so immediately after they’ve won the business.

As a result, many agents wait a couple of days or more until they build listing campaigns to promote their properties. After all, they often have to schedule an office tour, hold a tour or open for other agents, and then schedule an Open House. This creates a lag between when the listing data is entered into the MLS and when it is promoted publically. Sellers may assume that this lag in time to promote is standard operating procedure for the real estate industry because after all, it takes time to create those Open House postcards, flyers, single property websites and home tour videos.

Today, that wait is no longer necessary. Marketing automation for listings creates a full print and digital listing package as soon as the agent enters the home information into the broker’s MLS or CRM software. This is not only a time saver for agents, but it ensures that the brokerage’s brand is reinforced across every customer impression.

How it works

For example, when agents with RE/MAX of New Jersey enter listings into the MLS, the Imprev automated marketing solution they use – that they call “Autopilot” — pulls all the property data and images for every new listing.

Overnight, Autopilot creates and publishes both digital and print marketing material, including a “Just Listed” flyer and postcard, a digital ePostcard, a Single Property Website, a Virtual Tour and a YouTube Video of the listing photos. Using responsive web design, everything is mobile friendly, meaning it all looks great on every device: smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer.

The RE/MAX of New Jersey agent wakes up to an email in their inbox, providing links to all the marketing materials that have been created and deployed for them – which includes agent branding and contact information – closing the gap between the time the listing is entered into the MLS and when it is promoted to the masses effectively curing procrastination.

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If you are a broker and interested in learning more about how Marketing Automation for listings could work for your brokerage, contact our sales team at or just call toll-free 1-855-446-7738.

Bill Yaman
President and Chief Revenue Officer

Bill Yaman is an empowering leader with deep experience in general management, sales and marketing, product management, and business development. He brings to Imprev almost 30 years of experience driving sales and marketing for world-class technology companies.