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Once again, Inman Connect held a hard-hitting, thoughtful event for marketing leaders last Tuesday at CMO Connect. David Marine, SVP of Marketing at Coldwell Banker Real Estate and Ginger Wilcox, SVP of Marketing at Capsilon, rocked the stage as moderators and took us on a journey through the world of brand voice and marketing tech.


This session was a special, add-on experience for Connect attendees – and not broadcast during the livestream. However, we’d love to share some of the key insights that evolved from the different topics.

A few of my favorite takeaways:

“What Can Movie Trailers Teach Us About Real Estate Marketing?”

Speaker: Ashley Caputo, Movie Trailer Producer / Creative Producer at Zealot LA

  • When developing your brand story, find a common human element that your average client can connect with. The best movie trailers connect emotionally with viewers, such as the common fear of clowns in the movie “It.” (They showed the trailer for It, and it was TERRIFYING!)
  • 80% of viewers are consuming videos with the sound off, so it’s important to find visual ways to connect with your audience.

“Consumer Behavior and Online Media Search”

Speaker: Dan Seigler, Head of Industry, Automotive, and Real Estate, Google

  • Long-tail keyword searches are growing, which means your SEO and PPC strategy needs to have more comprehensive keyword coverage.
  • The last-click attribution model is outdated. Marketers need a more comprehensive data tracking model to apply multi-touch attribution for a full picture of ROI. (Here’s a great article that defines and dissects multi-touch attribution: )

“Looking at Marketing Through 3 Different Lenses”

Panelists: David Marine, SVP of Marketing at Coldwell Banker Real Estate; Bill Yaman, Chief Operating Officer at Imprev, Inc.; Mike Fischer, SVP of Marketing at NRT; Krystal Aeby, Chief Marketing Officer at

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  • “Don’t look for tech to solve your brand problem. Create a compelling brand story first, then leverage tech to make it come to life.”  -Bill Yaman, President & COO, Imprev
  • “We’re calling ourselves the marketing agency, not the marketing department… We build products with agents, not for them.” -Mike Fischer, SVP of Marketing, NRT
  • “We’re seeing a lot of agent tool fatigue in the industry, so that’s why we became a service.” -Bill
  • And, remember that recruiting and retaining agents is emotional, as well as rational.

“Evolving the Image of Your Brand”

Panelists: Jasmine Takanikos, Founder of Brand Human; Kevin Thompson, CMO at Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC.

  • Great advice from Takanikos: Don’t say your brand voice is “authentic.” No one believes you if you tell the world you’re being authentic.
    • My take: Remember some of the best writing advice you received in school: SHOW, don’t tell.
  • I loved the reminder to work authenticity into every single part of the business. It’s not just about marketing—it’s about the details of your operations, your agent training, your agent-client relations, the contract process, etc.
  • When it comes to innovation and shaping your brand, you might not need radical change on the surface. Changes can be subtle on the front end but revolutionary on the back end. Sotheby’s CMO Kevin Thompson cited their magazine as a prime example of this. His team reshaped the way they develop content and get partners to participate in the content on the back end while making minimal changes to the output of the magazine.
  • My take on authenticity? It’s scary. You have to be ok with being a little vulnerable and very human. Some people might not like you. That’s fine. Building strong connection with your consumers means talking about your brand and its features LESS and talking more about problems that your home buyers and sellers are trying to solve. That may require challenging the messaging/branding status quo within your organization.

If you attended CMO Connect, what takeaways do you have?

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