We’re waist-deep in the middle of real estate conference season. Spring is fast approaching, and with it comes the peak of real estate buying and selling. So, before those buyers and sellers start storming the MLS, agents, brokers, and administrators brush up on their skills and take advantage of new ideas from conferences to set their strategies and goals for the next few quarters.

While traveling across the country for your conference, you are more than likely going to run into an Imprevian or two.

(Imprevian: (noun) A person who eats, sleeps, and breathes marketing automation; most often found at Imprev, Inc.)



Pete Weller

pete@imprev.com  |  LinkedIn

Pete is known for coining Imprev lexicons like “auto-magically” and “dramastically” as he educates clients about marketing Automation for real estate. Trust Pete to understand your unique concerns because real estate has been in his blood for generations.

“I grew up watching my grandmother always running around looking for the correct real estate listing book (back in the days of the old phonebook-looking volumes that were printed weekly).”

Originally working in the industry as a loan originator and then a REALTOR®, Pete helped many buyers and sellers navigate the complexities of real estate. After the market downturn, Pete moved to working with real estate technology and marketing companies. It gave him a better environment to focus on his sunshine – his daughter.

“When my daughter, Haley, came along in 2008, I thought the slow-down we were seeing was maybe a blessing. It allowed me to spend more time watching her grow.”

Pete is our expert when it comes to independent companies with big market footprints. He’s been a welcomed guest at the Annual Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Convention, many HomeServices of America and Berkshire Hathaway events — and a regular attendee of the BHHS Sales Convention.

“It was an easy choice to join a company that put people and character before a quick profit and I’ve never been happier or more successful.  At Imprev, I get to share the “magic of automation” and truly help all parties at the same time.  Brokerages, their agents and consumers all benefit, directly or indirectly, from the efficiencies we create.  It is a great place to be!”


Charlie Webb

charliew@imprev.com  |  LinkedIn

You can’t have a bad day when Charlie is in the office. Enthusiastic, energetic, and loyal, Charlie will always have a smile on his face when you see him on the trade show floors. (Or, really any time you see him.)

Father of two, and born and raised in the heart of the Pacific Northwest’s tech hub, Charlie understands the value that innovative technology brings to the real estate industry. Technology has made it easier for all businesses, from brokerages to tech partners, to drive success while balancing the demands that life brings.

“As a father, I’m immensely appreciative that Imprev and my team are understanding of the space and time I need to best take care of both my clients and my family. My family is more motivation than anything else in this world.”

Charlie helps solve marketing efficiency and consistency for small boutique independents, and was a key part of large RE/MAX Design Center implementations. He understands the challenges that smaller companies can face when they work to compete with bigger brands in their markets.

“I’m obsessed with learning new things. I strive to be part of finding the solution to any challenge. This industry evolves every day. The problems we face in real estate challenge us to think outside of the box… which is ultimately what defines our future success.”


Whether you’re a prospect or a client, these may be the first Imprevian faces you meet when looking to bring Marketing Automation to your company. These ambassadors of automation would be thrilled to guide you in the right direction for your agents and your goals. If you get a chance to meet an Imprevian at any of the great events we attend throughout the year, we’d love to take a picture with you, have a cup of coffee and hear your story, or partner with you to continue making the world of real estate stronger.

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