Real Estate Brands: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Why brokerages need to partner with agents to market all their listings Do you run a real estate brokerage? Handle the marketing for one? If yes, you’re probably now asking yourself, “Why should I care about marketing a listing? That’s the agent’s job.” If the agent wants to sell the property, they’ll put out the ...

Saving Your Sanity IS Possible: Create Scalable Brand & Agent Marketing for Your Real Estate Brokerage with Automation

A 30-minute on-demand webinar For Lisa Mahon (Head of Marketing at Century 21® Peak), there wasn't enough time in the day to support her agents' marketing needs AND achieve her brand marketing goals. Sound familiar? "My team and I were working 10-hour, 12-hour days to create marketing materials for my agents' listings while still trying to move ...

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Is Your Brokerage’s Marketing Ready for the Future? 2 Ways to Initiate Successful Change

Virtual reality, big data, Facebook advertising, marketing automation… Those are just a few of the new marketing trends emerging in today's wildly competitive real estate landscape. If your brand is going to stay relevant, your marketing strategies and processes need to adapt accordingly. One broker owner aptly sums up the need for innovation (in our ...

4 Ways to “Future-Proof” Your Brokerage With Automated Marketing

30-minute on-demand webinar. What are you doing to ensure your brokerage stays relevant one, two, five years from now? Whether you’re trying to grow brand reach or retain top producers, your marketing needs to adapt in order to stand out in the wildly competitive landscape. As one broker owner puts it (in our recent Real ...

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Marketing Automation Webinar Highlight: Coldwell Banker WEST and agent adoption

Another highlight from RE Technology's Webinar "Marketing Automation: Why 56% of brokers plan to implement in 2016." CORY SHEPARD General Manager of Real Estate Operations, Coldwell Banker WEST, discusses how real estate agent adoption of marketing technology and automation intersect.

Webinar Highlight: How RE/MAX integrates the Design Center + Marketing Automation

In this highlight from RE Technology's Webinar "Marketing Automation: Why 56% of brokers plan to implement in 2016," Dan Troup, Technology Director, RE/MAX of Michigan explains how Marketing Automation integrates with the Imprev-powered RE/MAX Design Center. Also check out the “Marketing Automation Report: Defining the Future of Real Estate Marketing” here.

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Webinar Highlight: How marketing automation can power your brokerage

Florida Network Realty Partner, Broker, and EVP Christy Budnick discusses with Victor Lund, WAV Group founder and President of RE Technology, how Marketing Automation helps her agents in this highlight from the recent RE Technology Techinar "Marketing Excellence Through Automation: Why 56% of brokers plan to implement in 2016" (click on the image below): Also check out ...

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How Marketing Automation can make the best first impressions

It’s estimated that just 7% of all communication involves words and that more than half of all communication is visual. While these statistics refer to interpersonal communications, it illustrates how pivotal what we see impacts what we do, how we feel, and the way we react. Research tells us that the human brain deciphers images ...

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How Marketing Automation impacts your bottom line

How does a broker get their agents to increase the number of listings while at the same time make certain they always stay in touch with past clients and prospects? That’s the conundrum for real estate brokers. Most agents cycle through these two activities one at a time: Agents prospect, prospect, prospect, which generates listings; ...

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