Winter is Coming.  Avoid Seasonal Sabotage.

 Avoid the seasonal slow-down sabotaging your agents’ productivity. Sure, we’ve all laughed at this Game of Thrones reference - but the warning remains. As the market cools, and inventory declines - how can you keep your agents productive as the days get shorter?The autumnal decline in real estate transactions is an industry constant, year after ...

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How to Be a Catalyst for Innovation in Your Brokerage

Innovation. This word is stuck on every podcast, every New York Times best seller, and every c-suite executive’s bio. Sometimes it seems unattainable, reserved for the likes of Steve Jobs. Sometimes it seems like a participation trophy, hooray you updated! All joking aside, innovation is no less important.   Innovation is a great idea, executed ...

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Great Racehorses Wear Blinkers

What we’re tackling in this post: What are some of the loudest , most detrimental distractions targeting real estate agents? How do those distractions affect agent success? How do brokers and leaders help agents to avoid distractions?   Despite a roller-coaster market of varying DOM and inventory levels, managers can agree that June and July ...

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There’s an Epidemic Infecting Real Estate Agents: Tool Fatigue

There’s a Epidemic Infecting Real Estate Agents: Tool Fatigue And we all are to blame. There’s a debilitating plague spreading through brokerages across our country. You’ve seen the symptoms in your own agents as this disease eats away at their productivity and success: Leadership brings in new technology with the goal of delivering value to ...

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Agents Need Answers

Agents Need Answers: Encouraging technology adoption by answering 5 questions for your agents Implementing new technology, no matter the new service or tool, can be a headache for most brokers or execs. You, as an executive, have found a new solution that will make your entire company’s lives easier. But, you fear that adoption of ...

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The Can’t-Miss Conferences for Real Estate Executives

First Quarter is the ultimate real estate conference event time, just before the market heats up in the spring. What a whirlwind! Our leadership team just landed back on the west coast after a fantastic series at Inman Connect New York 2019. We were honored to once again sponsor CMO Connect, and our very own ...

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Reinvent Your Brokerage’s Brand

Easily transform agents into powerful brand ambassadors Originally posted on, February 4, 2019 by Bill Yaman As a broker or marketer, you’ve invested hundreds of hours and countless dollars carefully designing your brand’s story. You have a plan for every brand channel that allows you to communicate directly with consumers—from TV spots to your ...

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Agent Recruiting in 2019: The Status Quo Won’t Cut It

2019: The New Market, Marketing Automation, and the Recruiting Conversation An Imprevian dialogue on defining your recruiting strategies around service Real estate agents have a wider variety of brokerage options than ever before. If they’re not happy, they don’t have to stay. When it comes to what you as a broker offer your agents, the ...

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[Infographic] In 2018, Imprev marketing automation saved brokerages 3.67 MILLION HOURS.

In 2018, Imprev marketing automation saved brokerages 3.67 MILLION HOURS.  "With automation, agents have a repeatable way to deliver their marketing promise to clients—without wasting precious hours on repetitive, manual tasks." James Dwiggins, CEO of NextHome  Visit to learn how marketing automation helps agents consistently deliver your brand promise to the market.

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