5 Ways Boutique & Mid-Size Brokerages Can Hold Their Own in the Market


An Interview with Marilyn Wilson, Founding Partner of the WAV Group

As venture-backed brokerages (with seemingly limitless budgets) move into the neighborhood, what’s the average brokerage to do?

Join us to uncover ways boutique and mid-size brokerages can effectively thrive in the changing real estate market and build businesses that endure. 

We interviewed Marilyn Wilson, Founding Partner of the WAV Group, the premiere provider of strategic insights and the leading provider of consumer research in the real estate industry, to get some answers.

This 30-minute conversation with Marilyn will covers:

  • How to educate your agents to focus on the right customers
  • Why accountability can transform your agents' experience (and satisfaction)
  • How to maximize your technology budget (a must in today’s market)
  • And more!


Marilyn Wilson

Founding Partner

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