Imprev releases newest enhancement to real estate marketing automation services: Marketing Guides.

Do you see your agents focusing on the wrong things?

By wrong things, we mean distracting business behaviors…

  • Are they buying leads instead of nurturing their existing client relationships?
  • Are they not leveraging their full marketing potential of their existing listings?
  • Are they spending too much time creating poorly branded marketing materials on their own?

In the past, the answer to these questions was “more tools!” However, the problem with another tool is that agents have even more questions:

  • Which tool should they use? When should they use it?
  • Where is the tool? How do they log in?
  • Why should they even use that tool?
  • How does it work? What do they do when they have trouble?

This leads to a growing epidemic of Tool Fatigue.


Imprev is changing the paradigm.


Stand out with Marketing Guides

Envision a world where an agent takes a new listing, and all the print, digital, and social media marketing is delivered to them via email – and imagine that information is organized in a way to guide your agents through the steps they should take to most effectively market their listing at that specific event in the listing life cycle. You’ll drive the best practices of your best agents with the newest feature to Listing Automation.


Imprev introduces: Marketing Guides powered by Listing Automation

On May 9, 2019, Imprev proudly announced the newest enhancement powered by the magic of automation.

Imprev Marketing Automation

Imprev Marketing Automation Flowchart


Marketing Assets Delivered By Marketing Guides

The New Marketing Guide - coach your agents

Guides include all the print, digital, and social media marketing that your agent needs for the different events in the listing life cycle, and also include the top three steps needed to successfully promote a listing. The Guides can be customized to your company’s best practices (or Imprev’s suggestions), encouraging ALL your agents to adopt the same successful strategies. Agents will be able to maximize the visibility of their listings easily with content and guidance right at their fingertips and your brokerage will empower them to grow their business.

Marketing Guides are delivered to your agent throughout 4 key events in the listing life cycle. Each one serve a special purpose in promoting your brand, your agent, and their listing:

  1. Just Listed: Fulfill the marketing promise made to clients
  2. Price Reduced: Showcase new price point and drive leads
  3. Open House: Bring a home’s story to life and build relationships
  4. Just Sold: Promote agent’s expertise and attract the next client(s)


Why did Imprev develop the Marketing Guides?

Brian Boero at 1000Watt has a great quote we like to reference.

“I believe that the online lead frenzy is peaking, and take some consolation from that. The next wave of real estate tech will be focused on helping good agents win business the old fashioned way – referrals, farming, relationships, networking, loyalty — more intelligently, and I hope, more humanely.”

Brian Boero, Partner and CEO – 1000Watt


Imprev’s goal as a real estate technology partner has always been to provide solutions that authentically strengthen the real estate industry. Our brand of automation strives to relieve stress, emphasizes trustworthiness, and drive brokerages and their agents toward success.


Want to see the new Guides in action?

Our President and Chief Operating Officer, Bill Yaman, released a demonstration of our Just Listed Marketing Guide in action. You can view his demo and hear more about the guides by watching the recording of our preview webinar from May 9th:

Or, have one of our fabulous Sales Team members give you a live demonstration – contact them here: