Agents Need Answers:
Encouraging technology adoption by answering 5 questions for your agents

Implementing new technology, no matter the new service or tool, can be a headache for most brokers or execs.

You, as an executive, have found a new solution that will make your entire company’s lives easier. But, you fear that adoption of this new tech will fall flat.

Clear communication is the foundation for any implementation – whether it’s new tech, new workflow, or new co-workers. Set your expectations ahead of time and answer the questions you know your agents will ask.

There are 5 questions every agent needs the answer to before they’re going to change the way they do their business. If you can provide the answers to those before they have time to contemplate them, you’ll instill a sense of security, trust, and consideration.

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To help you plan out your communication with your agents, Imprev has developed a free, downloadable workbook to walk you through each of these five questions.

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