3 Ways to Integrate Social Media and Print Marketing

Despite what some people say, lead generation through print marketing is not dead. In fact, 79% of consumers are more likely to act immediately on direct mail than emails.

Social media is also an important part of real estate marketing—both for brand-building and lead generation. Over 74% of online adults use social channels, showing that you can’t afford to not be part of the social conversation.

With the prevalence of social media and the effectiveness of print marketing, it’s vital to build a real estate marketing strategy that integrates both digital and print channels. Here are some ideas to amplify the power of direct mail marketing with social media:

Use hashtags to start conversations

Hashtags aren’t just for fun—they’re for organization and tracking group conversations on social sites; they often help your posts show up more effectively in search results when someone searches a keyword.

Create a few special hashtags to promote your real estate brokerage and incorporate those into not only your Tweets, but your print marketing materials as well. Hashtags used on business cards, brochures, and flyers will give social campaigns a wider reach. Encourage your agents to come up with their own hashtags or start using your brokerage hashtags in all marketing materials.

If your brokerage puts on events, create a special hashtag to encourage and track engagement. If your agents run regular home showings, consider branding the showings with a hashtag and incorporate it into listing flyers, walking cards and doorhangers to get noticed by local home buyers.

Use image-driven social channels to promote listings

Compelling images are a powerful marketing tool. When buying a home, buyers need to be able to imagine themselves building a life and fulfilling a dream inside the home. Visuals help bring the buyer’s imagination into play.

It’s a given that your agents are creating visual-driven brochures and flyers. Encourage them to take marketing a step further and incorporate those materials into visual social media channels like Pinterest and Instagram. Make sure to incorporate appropriate hashtags and keywords so potential home buyers will take notice. Using social media in this context is a good way to easily repurpose your current marketing materials like open house and new listing flyers and amplify your marketing reach at a relatively low cost.

Repurpose client testimonials on social

Your social channels can provide inspiration and valuable content for your print channels. Facebook and Twitter are an easy, low-effort way for home buyers to share their experience with you. Encourage your agents to engage regularly with their social followers, and use your brokerage social channels to build overall brand awareness and client feedback.

Asking clients directly through social media, or even in person, for feedback is a great way to get responses. People don’t often take initiative to share a good experience with others, but they’re often willing to share if you ask them directly.

As you receive client feedback through social channels, incorporate it into your brokerage marketing materials. Tweets as simple as “[Brokerage name] is fantastic! Loved working with your team” can easily be repurposed as testimonials in your brokerage’s print marketing materials.


Have you found other creative ways to integrate social media and print marketing? If so, let us know.

Bill Yaman

Bill Yaman, President and Chief Revenue Officer

Bill Yaman is an empowering leader with deep experience in general management, sales and marketing, product management, and business development. He brings to Imprev almost 30 years of experience driving sales and marketing for world-class technology companies.

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