How Marketing Automation can make the best first impressions

It’s estimated that just 7% of all communication involves words and that more than half of all communication is visual. While these statistics refer to interpersonal communications, it illustrates how pivotal what we see impacts what we do, how we feel, and the way we react.

Research tells us that the human brain deciphers images simultaneously, while we decode language in a linear, sequential order. It also takes more time to process language, while visual images can evoke an instant reaction. Humans are simply genetically wired to respond to visual stimulation. Even in terms of how people measure credibility, we believe more what we see than what we read. This is why broker owners need to be concerned and deeply involved with the marketing materials their agents are creating to send to clients and prospects. It impacts not only a brokerage’s sales it also impacts its reputation.

Telling a better story

Visual elements of any communication are incredibly important and powerful because they connect with people both cognitively and emotionally. Graphics increase our comprehension and retention as we remember more of what we see than what we simply hear. Visual elements also enhance our emotions and influence our attitudes. Images stimulate our brain and even influence the decisions we make.

Apply these principals to real estate marketing and it becomes easier to understand why the visual elements of all your promotions and advertising matter. Marketing materials can tell a story to help clients visualize the lifestyle and experiences they are buying. It is important to paint a picture, through marketing, that shows the perspective client their happy future. Effective visual elements in marketing help close deals.

Yet getting these visual elements in promotional materials can be a challenge for the average broker as few of their agents are likely to be professionally trained graphic artists. For larger brokerages, the solution has often been to support agents with a centralized marketing department, but this model doesn’t scale well and demand can exceed capacity. Smaller brokerages rarely have the budgets to have marketing departments, so agents are left to create their own promotional and advertising material.

Fortunately, there is a way that both larger brokerages and even smaller brokerages can create beautiful, high quality marketing materials to support all of their agents and every listing—Marketing Automation.

Automating beauty

For brokerages with Marketing Departments, Marketing Automation frees the team from time consuming tasks that benefit a few agents, so they can focus on creating the beautiful designs that can be used by every agent.

For brokerages with limited marketing services, Marketing Automation is the great equalizer when it comes to design. It allows smaller brokerages to leverage a small upfront investment in creating beautiful materials, which can then be used throughout all their promotional efforts.

Through Marketing Automation, all brokerages benefit by delivering to their agents great looking and highly effective marketing material. It makes their brokerage look good and it makes the agent look good.

The broker-owners benefit from unified branding as Marketing Automation delivers consistency across all promotional channels, protecting the firm’s reputation and allowing the broker to control the look and feel of their creative assets. It also gives their agents a powerful way to tell their story, and that will lead to more business by making that best first impression every time.

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