Becoming a Great Leader in Real Estate & Business: The Best Leadership Articles from 2014

Being a great leader in real estate isn’t so different from being a great leader in any other field of business. Leaders need to be intelligent, driven, purposeful, and far-seeing in order to guide their businesses and teams to success. But what separates truly great leaders from the rest of the pack? How can business owners and managers better drive results and motivate people?

In his article “What Makes a Leader?” in the Harvard Business Review, Daniel Goleman posits the idea that emotional intelligence is the key differentiator in successful leaders. A leader definitely needs all the qualities mentioned above, but Goleman noticed that the most effective leaders had more than the traditional leadership qualities—they also had a high degree of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill. Check out the full article if you have some time; it’s not from 2014, but it’s a fantastic read and still highly relevant to leaders today.

Building leadership skills doesn’t happen overnight. It takes work, time, and awareness to see what methods motivate your team most effectively. For more viewpoints and ideas on exercising your leadership skills, here are 6 of our favorite leadership articles from this year:

1. To Become a Great Leader, Be Aware (Bloomberg Businessweek)
Great leaders need more than analytic and technical know-how, but also empathy and an ability to connect with people.

2. A Refresher on Storytelling 101 (Harvard Business Review)
Part of being a great leader relies on being able to inspire people. Communication skills are key; knowing how to tell a story well will help others see the point you’re trying to make and help bring them over to your side.

3. How Workaholic Founders Fall Behind the Times (Inc.)
Being too focused on only your business can lead to missing key industry changes. Learn from Ranker founder Clark Benson’s mistakes and make sure your business remains competitive.

4. Focusing on Agents, Ensuring Steady Success (RISMedia)
In an interview with RISMedia, Jeff Sposito, President of Rockcliff REALTORS®, shares how he’s put his real estate agents first to drive business success.

5. 4 Steps to Make Thanking Your Employees a Regular Habit (Salesforce Blog)
How often do you thank your team members? Employees who feel valued and appreciated are much more likely to stay with a business; here are 4 ways to let them know they’re more than just a number.

6. Proven Ways to Earn Your Employees’ Trust (Harvard Business Review)
Trust—in each team member and leader—is vital for a company’s success. Here are 6 ways to improve employee trust and build a stronger company.

In the words of Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft: “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”

What leadership skills do you think are most important? Are they different from real estate specifically or business in general? How have you empowered and motivated your team to greater success?

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